Genital Warts Spread


HPV genital warts are caused by the Human Papilloma virus and are contagious in nature. They could spread from one individual to another through sexual activities with the infected partner. There are 100 different types of HPV, out of which 40 of them could be spread through all forms of sexual contact.

Genital warts are known to spread during anal, oral or vaginal sex and it has been estimated that two-third people develop genital warts within 3 months, after coming into contact with the infected individual. The only way to deal with this virus is to avoid sexual relations with the infected partners, since there is no specific cure to treat the condition.

At the moment, a majority of people infected with genital warts do not show any symptoms and hence end up passing the condition through direct skin contact to the other individual. Only a small percentage of people actually show signs of the disease. According to the most recent study conducted by National Institute of Health, almost half of the women infected with HPV do not show obvious symptoms. A few people have also reported the reduction in the genital warts infection with the use of condoms, although there is no such study which supports this theory.

genital-wartsGenital warts are a commonly occurring sexually transmitted disease and pregnant women suffering from the condition are likely to pass it to the newborn child. Genital warts do not usually spread on to the infant and are not considered to impose a threat to the child’s health during the pregnancy stages. In a few rare cases, women have largely developed warts which make the vaginal birth impossible and hence the warts may perhaps start bleeding as well. A caesarean section is vital in such cases, so as to ensure the safety of the child and the condition of genital warts.


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