Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment


Hemorrhoids are painful eruptions in the rectal or the anal area and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to the sufferers. Mild to moderate hemorrhoids could be treated with non-surgical methods such as pills, creams, ointments and other natural ingredients. Surgeries are performed only to treat severe cases of hemorrhoids. We have formulated a list of natural treatments for hemorrhoids.

warm-bathWarm Baths

To begin with, one of the most convenient ways to deal with hemorrhoids would be to take regular warm baths. Warm baths would help in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids. It would provide a lot of relief in pain and discomfort. Hemorrhoids symptoms take a while to develop inside the body and therefore you must take warm baths as soon as you recognise itching or burning in the rectum. This would avoid the hemorrhoids to spread in the surrounding tissues.

stool-softenersStool Softeners

One of the major causes of hemorrhoids is the strain or the pressure applied on the rectum during bowel movements. Stool softeners would help you prevent the strain during bowel movements and would help you pass the stool more easily. This would also lessen the irritation caused by hemorrhoids. You may also include fibre supplements in your diet to ease out the bowel movements in the body.

Ice Packs

Ice Packs are a great way to deal with the swelling caused due to hemorrhoids. Regular treatment with ice packs would ensure that there are no burning sensations in the affected areas and would reduce the discomfort to the patients.

Over The Counter Medications

There are various medications, freely available over the counter to treat hemorrhoids. These medications include pills, creams and ointments. Vasoconstrictor Pill is one of the most common medicines used by millions across the world to reduce the swelling in the rectum or anus. Hemorrhoids cause clotting of blood vessels and these pills would help to reduce the constriction. There are analgesic creams and natural moisturisers which would relieve the burning sensation of hemorrhoids. The moisturisers or ointments contain natural ingredients such as honey, aloe vera and cranesbill. They combine together to create a soothing effect on the skin and would alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. These treatments are highly effective in the preliminary stages of hemorrhoids and are often temporary. In case if the hemorrhoids are highly agitated or cause severe complications in the body, they could be treated using surgical options.

The symptoms attached to severe hemorrhoids include excessive bleeding in the stool, extreme pain and discomfort, excessive burning and itching. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, it would be necessary to consult a physician at the earliest. Disregarding the early symptoms could also lead to distressing health conditions including cancer. At-home treatments are effective; however there are some laxatives which have side-effects attached to them. These could be injurious to health and should be avoided in all circumstances.




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