Severe Depression Symptoms


Millions of people across the world are suffering from severe depression due to stressful contemporary lifestyle. A few people are more inclined to depression because of hormones or heredity. Hormonal imbalance is known to affect the bodily system as well as the mental disposition. Usually, pregnant women experience signs of severe depression post-partum because of sudden drop in bodily hormones. Adults who have experienced trauma during childhood also acquire severe depression. People often resist change and therefore sudden changes in life can also trigger depression. In the times of economic uncertainties, depression is a commonly occurring condition across the world. We have formulated a guide to help you with the severe depression symptoms.

Signs of Severe Depression On the other hand, depression can also merely be a case of chemical disproportion in the brain caused by the lack of neurotransmitters like epinephrine or serotonin.

Severe depression symptoms are majorly characterized by loss of interest in worldly things, low self-esteem, changes in sleeping patterns, mood swings, lack of appetite and chronic sadness. In some cases, the sufferer may perhaps talk about suicide or impending death. Severe depression is difficult to treat since it is a complicated mental disorder. As soon as you notice these severe depression signs, you must immediately approach a health professional. In certain cases, the patient may also have delusions and hallucinations. Severe depression symptoms also include seeing imaginary things or hearing voices, even if they do not exist.

What Are The Side Effects of Severe Depression?

People suffering from depression would often go through different kinds of feelings and it is difficult to overcome these emotions. There are several side effects caused due to severe depression. For an instance, depression would disrupt your personal as well as professional life simply by making it harder for the patient to deal with day-to-day events. A person suffering from severe depression would often experience lower energy levels and lack of interest. They may also feel sad, lonely and empty. They are known to quit easily and hence it is extremely difficult to initiate a conversation with them. They face difficulties in making simple decisions and they are usually involved within themselves. Body aches, headaches and pains are also signs of severe depression, especially if there is no other physical reason for the underlying pain.

Severe depression symptoms also include overeating, experiencing a restless feeling, being irritable as well as crying. When people experience severe forms of depression, they often acquire suicidal tendencies. In such cases, hospitalisation is mandatory in order to ensure continuous monitoring. As far as these patients are concerned, you must seek immediate medical attention. Delayed attention would lead to severe circumstances.

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